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REAL KOMPRESSOR LIVEJOURNAL [entries|friends|calendar]

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KOMPRESSOR: Kompilation [03 Aug 2012|03:03pm]
59 tracks from 1998-2005. Entirety of Kompressor catalogue. Now available as one gigantic 172-minute album for $9.99.

Download KOMPRESSOR: Kompilation at Amazon MP3.

Outside the US, Amazon may not be available - download on iTunes.

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CRUDBUMP: "Expert Chef" video [25 Feb 2010|12:20am]

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KOMPRESSOR: THE NEXT CHAPTER [02 Feb 2010|04:31pm]

CRUDBUMP: NA$TYJAM$ is my new album. When KOMPRESSOR ended in 2005, I promised that there would be more by 2010. I was not lying. CRUDBUMP is electronic rap with hard drums and analog synthesizers.

If you liked KOMPRESSOR, you will like CRUDBUMP. You might even like it more. There's no telling.

You can preview the whole album through the iTunes/Amazon links at crudbump.com and download the full song "Expert Chef" for free.
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Kompressor: "Sex Fuck Party" (2003) [22 Apr 2009|09:13am]
4 songs from the unreleased album "Sex Fuck Party":

Kompressor: "Landscape Fuck"

Kompressor: "Sick Shit"

Kompressor: "Erotik Party"

Kompressor: "Pain Fuck"
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KOMPRESSOR on iTunes is LIVE [17 Apr 2008|07:44pm]
You can now download "Crush Television", "Discipline", "World Domination", and "INSTRUMENTAL":





Look for Kompressor ACAPELLAS in summer 2008.
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Kompressor Downloads / Acapellas! [15 Apr 2008|10:09am]
You can download four Kompressor albums on Amazon MP3 (and soon, on iTunes!)

The KOMPRESSOR ACAPELLAS album is currently being produced and will be released in summer 2008. 20+ acapellas for six bucks. Make your own remixes/mashups for non-commercial use.

In other news, we're a little disappointed that nobody has come forth with audio/video recordings of the Cleveland 2003 Kompressor show. It's not for me (I was there, along with my friends/family) but it's more for people who weren't there. If we get this material, we can finish the documentary and release it online for free.

You will be compensated (with real American Dollars) if you can get us some A/V footage of the show.
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Kompressor footage needed [03 Apr 2007|10:58am]
If you have video footage of KOMPRESSOR's April 5, 2003 show in Cleveland, please contact (drew AT toothpastefordinner.com) as soon as possible. We are putting together a documentary about KOMPRESSOR and anything you can contribute, audio or video, is wanted and NEEDED!

You will be given credit for any material we use. We won't end up selling the video in any way; it will be free to download on YouTube or another video service. Hopefully it will be both funny and enlightening to all of us.

Thank you.
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[08 Sep 2006|12:03pm]
Pictures from Cleveland, OH show at Phantasy, April 5, 2003.

drew / natalie
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site closing [31 Dec 2005|02:54pm]
sitecloses in 9 hours. 11:59PM EST tonight. please make all purchases and carry out all correspondence as necessary. after tonight we do not reply to email.


thank you
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kompressorsite [21 Dec 2005|08:53pm]
[ mood | kompressor ]

dropped prices on remaining merchandise. remix cd - $12, discipline cd - $5

if you include the code KOMPRESSORSTICKER in the comments of your purchase, we will send you free KOMPRESSOR bumper sticker with your order.

value $3. store is http://www.kompressormusic.com/buy.html

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singularity / eschaton [11 Oct 2005|11:47pm]
we send this message to all kompressor fans.

PLEASE BE AWARE. kompressor singularity occurs DECEMBER 2005. merchandise will not be available past this point, from our site. we reach the end of our five-year plan at this point. december 2000 to december 2005.

we only have XS t-shirt available. DISCIPLINE album is available for extremely low discount price. REMIX CD set is available for discount price. purchase these items before you are unable to purchase them again.

thank you for your participation and enjoyment of our technique. a wealth of information opens in december 2005. this singularity will not be the end of kompressor. at the end of five years we mutate into new form. information will be revealed but perhaps you are left with more questions than you have now. we begin a new five-year plan in december 2005, to end december 2010.

you live in the present, it is 2005. but to us, it is 2008, 2009, 2010. we forecast the future and plan accordingly. we understand what will happen in these years, because we will be creating the events in those years. today you understand what happens tomorrow, perhaps what happens next month, but you do not know 2008. we always know the future. our era 1995-2000 was planned and achieved successfully. our era 2000-2005 was achieved, you see our success during this period, because you are alive in this time and you see our effects. now you hear these words, paste them into a book, open the book in 2010. you see we are correct, that we understand the future, that our plans are achieved with brutal efficiency.

our final purchase page: http://www.kompressormusic.com/buy.html : study this page to become aware of our message and to acquire the remainder of our holdings. you must seek to understand the ideas behind our words to gain perspective for our next era. this time will perhaps be hard for some, but our message will still emerge with force. we combine drum and words. humans combine drum and words for 10000 years, we continue this tradition. our words are the same as our ancestors and our words bear the same message that those after us will understand and repeat.

do not simply look at the surface of our output. your mind must discover the core of our message and find the ultimate goal of our plan. our plan is the plan of humanity. you hear the drum, you hear the words, you are united with us. together we seek the truth and vitality of all life, in one five year era, or in 10000 years. together the drum and words are the output of all humanity. together we are all humanity, and reflect it. the machine is in the mirror. to find your future, look into the machine and grasp its nature. then, you truly know the goal of all plans ever made.

today we await the singularity. we join with you to listen to the drum and synthesizer crescendo into a fury, and then we are released. the next era. the new sound. the next kompressor. the new kompressor. the next humans. the new humans. all humans. all machines. the singularity awaits us.

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